ABC for Book Collectors

Book collectionBook collecting is one of the hobbies that many people do without knowing that they are into the hobby. If that is the case with you and you want to step seriously into the hobby, then you need to know certain terms that are most important. Glossary of book terms are completely listed at

ABC for Book Collectors, written by John Carter and Nicolas Barker will help you in this regard. The book is a collection of about 500 entries of terms that you need to know in book collecting and bibliography. This is a complete reference that will take you a higher level of knowledge.

More information on this book:

The terms are described in a single page to several pages depending on the information available. You could also read various analyses done on the terms related to book collection.

The latest release of eighth edition contains additional terms that were left out of the previous versions. All the terms are given in the alphabetical order and if you are searching for a particular text, you could find out easily.

The book is similar to encyclopedia as you have all entries with clear definition, examples, references etc. This one is the first book that you need to collect if you are a book collector. Acting as a complete reference, this book will take you by surprise, as you will learn the presence of so many terms in book collecting. Many people claim that this book is outdated, but with the latest edition, the modern terminologies related to the field are also added. So, if you have decided to spend your time, collecting books, this should be the first one in the list. Go through the list of words in the book and enrich yourself.